Iron Values TPC Chapter 14

Split into 3 parts because the whole thing ended up being 200-something slides.
Status (29 dec 2016): Part 3/3 uploaded
Warning for the faint of heart: a couple of the captions are way more suggestive than what I usually write.

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Oh Lorde! Master List

The Queen Bee Challenge was created by Tacos4sims, rules originally posted on TSR (though I found them here). The basic idea is to create a female sim and have her spawn 60 children with 10 different men moving in and out of the house (Elixir of Life is necessary). The rules state to use the 'deleteallcharacters' cheat before creating your sim, but I have enough corruption in my game as it is.

I'll be writing this story in the same way as Rex wrote his How-To Legacy, a step-by-step guide with the chapters as volumes. The difference is that I won't be installing new expansion packs each chapter and that there will definitely be conversations between me and my sims (that you'll know of).

Volume 1: The Basics of Breeding
Volume 2: Do's and Don'ts of Raising Larvae
Volume 3: Beeconomy 101
Volume 3.5: Rules of Fraternisation
Volume 4: Bonding in Biology
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