May 18th, 2015


Simself 2.0

I recently changed my haircut, and thought: why not update my simself as well?


Lazy as I am, you'll get the picture later.

Isn't she purdy?
This version is in adult form instead of the earlier teen form (even though I'm actually still a teenager, lol)

Credits: (Everything's included)
Hair: Engram
Clothes: HystericalParoxysm + Fanseelamb
Shirt recolor: Johquil
Eyes: -Shady-
Brows: No clue
THE FACE: simpony <-- So grateful to her! ^.^

Personality: 5/6/3/6/5
Aspiration: Pleasure or Family or Knowledge
Turn-ons: Glasses, red hair, skill, werewolf (pick what works best)
Turn-off: Stink

That's pretty much it! Please let me know if you decide to put her in your game.